Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, Railway View, Macroom, Co. Cork.


“ Completely changed my life! I’ve gone from constant pain for years to virtually painless. Definitely worth a visit!”

- Mairead, age 26

“I have been attending Dr. Sean-Michael Browne since 2002 in Macroom. Prior to that I had chronic low back and leg pain for years. I had been to several doctors, consultants, physiotherapists and osteopaths. From the day I first visited Dr. Browne and started treatment my life has changed for the better and am pain free! I do have periodic maintenance care which I highly recommend to keep things working properly. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Browne!”

- Geraldine, age 61

“I have had chronic left low back pain with pain down my leg for over 10 years. My ankle was also so painful that I have been unable to walk for the past 2 years. I have attended numerous physios and GP and did not help at all, I was getting worse and worse. After 4 weeks of treatment with Dr. Browne and his orthotics, I can walk pain free and have no pain in my back or leg at all. I would highly recommend Dr.Browne, he changed my life!”

- Michael age 62

“In April 2015, I presented to Dr. Sean with chronic back pain and severe pain down my left leg. I had tried my GP and other treatments they recommended but it did nothing. It was Sean who got me right. He worked on my back as soon as he identified my bulging discs. He set out a recovery plan for me to follow. This I did and I am so thankful to him! He now has me back to health both mentally and physically. I now go back to him regularly for check ups to keep my spine healthy. I can’t speak highly enough of him for what he did for me. I would like to recommend him as a wonder man!”

- John, aged 25

“I have been attending Dr.Browne at the Advanced Chiropractic-Macroom for 6 weeks with chronic neck and shoulder pain. In 6 weeks the pain went from 10/10 to 0/10. Excellent practice!”

- Denise, age 42

“My name is Timmy and I am 70 years old. I have collectively taught the traditional house dances of this region of southwest Ireland for over 40 years. I also play the accordion. At my age maintaining mobility is paramount as I have to travel a lot. I’ve had recurring low back problems as a result of an accident years ago and damage to my left knee. I am currently being treated for nerve damage in my right hand. Dr. Sean Browne has been a savior to me, as at one time I thought I’d never play or dance again or even walk! Dr. Browne kept me active for which I am extremely relieved and very grateful!”

- Timmy, age 70

“I injured my knee 15 years ago and have had chronic pain since which has been getting worse over the last 3 years. Consultants all told me I would need a new knee. Chronic low back pain with sciatica has been there for years also. After 8 laser sessions with chiropractic treatment and an exercise program, my knee pain is gone and low back is under control with no pain. Amazing stuff!”

- Brian, age 54

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