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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel in the wrist is formed from a band of ligamentous tissue and bones in the wrist. Due to microtrauma, repetitive or overuse of the wrist or forearm (ie.typing) there can be a compression of the nerves that travel through this tunnel. This can result in painful conditions in the wrist called carpal tunnel syndrome. If the pain or numbness is in your little finger then it is not carpal tunnel syndrome and is coming from a compression somewhere else.

It may come as a surprise that often times carpal tunnel syndrome can be related to nerve irritation in the cervical spine or else in the shoulder or elbow. Your chiropractor can detect the primary area of compression and help alleviate it along with the compression in the carpal tunnel. Dr. Browne uses laser therapy, along with myofascial release therapy to help decompress the irritated nerves and allow them a chance to heal.

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