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Chiropractic care can safely help patients during pregnancy, help making an easier birthing process or also help in the patients recovery after the labour and delivery. Dr. Browne has helped hundreds of pregnant patients reduce their pain from early on in their pregnancy to days before delivery.

During pregnancy there are numerous changes that occur to a woman’s body. Weight gain, hormonal changes which affect holding ligaments and shifting of centre of gravity will all affect your experience of being pregnant.

Many pregnant patients often report significant pain reduction in low back/pelvic girdle pain, shorter and easier deliveries when they receive chiropractic care. This is done through improving biomechanical function of the hips and spine during pregnancy.

It is proven to be a natural, safe and effective treatment for you and your child. If you are having pain or discomfort during your pregnancy or want the best chance of an easier, natural childbirth then give us a call at 026 42116.

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