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Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral (sideways) sideways curvature of the spine. It can be either genetic meaning that it is something you are born with, postural abnormalities over a long period of time or an unknown cause. Scoliosis is much more common in young girls then boys and can have a significant impact on one’s life if left undetected.

Your chiropractor can be extremely helpful in detecting the scoliosis early and in management of the condition. It is like having car tires that are imbalanced, over time one side will wear down more than the other. By using specific exercises, home rehabilitation and spinal manipulations one can improve the structure and function of the spine.

As parents it is important to look out for unequal shoulder heights, rib humping when bending forward (one side of the rib cage has a larger hump than the other) or legs that appear to be different lengths. Some more serious cases need early bracing or surgical interventions yet many can be treated conservatively with your chiropractor if detected early.

If you are concerned about your child having scoliosis then make an appointment and we can discuss the best options available.

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