Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, Railway View, Macroom, Co. Cork.

What to expect

Your first visit to a Doctor of Chiropractic will be very similar in many ways to visiting your GP. You will complete an initial health form which will help Dr. Sean Michael Browne understand your overall health history and understand the reason for your visit.

During your First Visit

The goal of the initial visit is to diagnosis the complaint, discuss the patients individual goals and to discuss the appropriate treatment plan to try and obtain those goals.

A full examination will be completed by Dr. Sean Michael Browne using a variety of physical, orthopaedic and neurological tests which will help evaluate your problem(s). These tests vary depending on your area(s) of complaint and include, but are not limited to, range of motion testing, posture/alignment, joint mobility, reflexes and examining areas of your body where you identify pain.

The goal of the initial assessment is to identify the ROOT cause of your symptoms (such as stiffness, pain and illness) which can differ from the modern allopathic medicine approach of simply treating symptoms. Identifying these areas, understanding how they affect your quality of life, reducing pain and improving function is our primary goal.

Dr. Sean Michael Browne will discuss his findings during your first visit. In some cases further exams (ie. MRIs/X-Rays) may be required to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Sean Michael Browne will discuss his recommended treatment plan with you and in some instances this treatment may commence on the first visit, with your consent.

Dr. Sean Michael Browne respects your right to know about every aspect of your Chiropractic care and he will take his time when discussing your treatment plan with you.

 Subsequent Visits

On your second visit, we will explain again what we found on the initial visit and how we may be able to help you. Understanding your condition and why it is there is of paramount importance. Dr. Sean Michael Browne will further discuss the best treatment plan going forward to help you obtain your personal health goals. Treatment will commence or continue as recommended by Dr. Browne.

During each subsequent visit the appropriate treatment will be performed as we set you on the right path to improved health.

 Patient Treatment plans

Many treatments are used and they are tailored to your individual needs. The most common treatment (known as a Diversified Technique) includes a manual adjustment which is a highly skilled and precise movement usually provided by hand to a joint in the body to restore proper movement in that joint.

Adjustments take a variety of forms, which sometimes includes a specific, high velocity low amplitude thrust. When the joint is adjusted, pressure is released sometimes causing an audible popping noise from the shifting of gas and fluids in the joint. This is an extremely safe treatment and often, patients report a sense of well-being and ease after the first visit.

Other recommended treatment plans could include extremity manipulation or mobilizations, laser therapy, soft tissue therapy, spinal mobilizations and dry needling. All treatment plans include active rehabilitation exercises that are performed by the patient.

Who we treat

Newborns, infants, children, adults, seniors and even some back surgery patients can get adjusted.

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